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Rhianon Norman


Senior Colourist


Hiya! I have been in the hairdressing industry for 9 years as a colourist and i love what i do! Hair is a really expressive way to show who you are. It's such an amazing time to be in the industry! vintage, street, grunge, classic pretty, its all in! Anything goes and its never a dull day!

In 2010 I entered my first unassisted hair competition "Evolution" and placed 2nd! This resulted in a trip to Hair Expo in Sydney. It was such a fun experiance , learning from those all around the world. My model was also used for advertising in SCOOP magazine. In 2013 i entered the live stage competition 'Kaaral Awards' and won the peoples choice award earning me my first trophy!

I've been involved in a bunch of hair photoshoots, live stage competitions, assisted behind the sceens in stage education and even gotten to model in a few things myself. Photoshoots are my favourite part of hairdressing. I love how creative and individual each image can be. I've also started learning how to do special effects and glamour makeup. The idea of being able to create every aspect of a look has always appealed to me, to have that moment frozen in time, that single shot telling a story.

2013 was an action packed year! i did some styling work for Loui Col Designs at the First Comes Love bridal fair, 'Kakoda for a cure' charity fundraiser and again for the Loui Col spring collection photoshoot. i love the direction bridal hair is headed, whats old is new again but whats really exciting is the little rebellions against your textbook wedding, bolder hair colours and styles, coloured dresses and more! its all so fun and unique! being involved in the madness is such a blast!

Since working at Identified Hair i feel as though my eyes have have finally been opened to the limitless world that is hairdressing! I've never felt so free to express myself with quirky clothes and hairstyles! Currently im attending every training course i can get my hands on and watching as much as i can find on the internet. 

2015 will see me doing alot of international traveling for education. Im so excited to see the world as i chase my passion! Theres so much to learn and i cant wait to see what im truely capable of! My wings have started to unfurl and im ready to take off for the next hair adventure!

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